Lion Mask

Lion mask is a motif used from antiquity as an emblem of strength, courage, and majesty.

The lion mask holding a ring in its mouth for a handle derives from ancient Rome furniture and it continues to be popular as doorknocker. Both Venetian and Fa├žon de Venise goblets feature decorative prunts moulded in the lion mask shapes alluding to the symbol of Venice, the Lion of Saint Mark.

From the early to mid-18th century, the lion mask enjoyed popularity as a favoured motif for furniture ornament, used as an arm rest support or to decorate a cabriole leg. Occasionally, a lion's paw or pelt appears alongside the mask.

Famous quotes containing the words mask and/or lion:

    O make me a mask and a wall to shut from your spies
    Of the sharp, enamelled eyes and the spectacled claws
    Rape and rebellion in the nurseries of my face....
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)

    It is curious how there seems to be an instinctive disgust in Man for his nearest ancestors and relations. If only Darwin could conscientiously have traced man back to the Elephant or the Lion or the Antelope, how much ridicule and prejudice would have been spared to the doctrine of Evolution.
    Havelock Ellis (1859–1939)