Line 15, Beijing Subway

Line 15, Beijing Subway

Line 15 of the Beijing Subway (simplified Chinese: 北京地铁15号线; traditional Chinese: 北京地鐵15號線; pinyin: běijīng dìtiě shíwǔhào xiàn) is a rapid transit rail line in northern Beijing with one portion in operation and the remainder under construction. In all, the line is set to have a total length of 45.7 km across northern Beijing from Xiyuan in Haidian District in the west, to Hedong in Shunyi District in the east. It is being built in two phases. Phase I covers the eastern half of Line 15 from Beishatan in Chaoyang District to Fengbo in Shunyi District. It will cost ¥17.6 billion. Section 3 of Phase 1 is set to follow in 2014. Phase II is expected to be completed by 2015. The line features 6-car trains similar to other lines in the Beijing Subway. Line 15 tunnels will be up to 38 m underground, making them the deepest in Beijing's subway system. Trains run every seven and a half minutes, with a journey from Fengbo to Wangjing West Station taking 38 minutes.

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