Lilla Cabot Perry

Lilla Cabot Perry (January 13, 1848—February 28, 1933) was an American artist who worked in the Impressionist style, rendering portraits and landscapes in the free form manner of her mentor, Claude Monet. Perry was an early advocate of the French Impressionist style and contributed to its reception in the United States. Perry's early work was shaped by her exposure to the Boston school of artists and her travels in Europe and Japan. She was also greatly influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s philosophies and her friendship with Camille Pissarro. Although it was not until the age of thirty-six that Perry received formal training, her work with artists of the Impressionist, Realist, Symbolist, and German Social Realist movements greatly affected the style of her oeuvre.

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Lilla Cabot Perry - Selected Works - Publications
... In addition to painting, Perry also wrote poetry and translated texts from Greek to English ... Below is a list of works published by Perry ... To read a selection of Perry's poetry online, see The Flowers of Lilla Cabot Perry Also see the Google Books links below ...

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