Light Years (Kylie Minogue Album) - Title and Artwork

Title and Artwork

The title of the album derives from the song "Light Years". Vincent Peters, out of other designers and photographers, was selected to photograph Minogue for the album cover. The shoot was taken place out side a villa at the far north of Ibiza Island. It was reported that Peter's was selected because he wore tight T-shirts and jeans halfway down his Calvin's and his most extraordinary photographs. His images were told as a "instant iconic piece of art". The cover features a glamorous backdrop of the sky and the sea, with the glimpse of a golden sunset filtering through like a supernatural halo. Kylie then gazed towards some 'heaven'. While in an interview, Peter's had stated;

The great thing about Kylie is that she differs from other celebrities. There is a separation between how celebrities perceive themselves and what the public wants to see. Most are concerned with reproducing a certain logo or caricature of themselves. They want to cling on to an image developed years ago which makes things difficult because there is no room to take a picture, you aren't really forced to improvise which is when the best things happen. Every photographer has their own very personal vision of her, and she lets them have it. That is the big difference with Kylie, that she walks in and says 'This is me, what are you going to do with it.'

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