Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic may be:

  • Light Fantastic (TV series), a BBC Four documentary television series about the history and discovery of light
  • Light Fantastic (album), a 1999 album by Steve Roach
  • The Light Fantastic, a satirical fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett
  • The Light Fantastic (anthology), a collection of short fiction by Alfred Bester
  • The Light Fantastic, a physics textbook on classical and quantum optics by Ian R. Kenyon
  • The Light Fantastic, an episode of ABC Stage 67
  • The Light Fantastic, an episode of Pokémon

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Unseen University - Staff - Past Archchancellors
... cousin of Granny Weatherwax (they have never met), he is Chancellor for the first half of The Light Fantastic ... Note that in The Light Fantastic, he is referred to as Chancellor, but Ridcully subsequently upgrades him to Archchancellor in Lords and Ladies, when talking to ... Archchancellor Ymper Trymon Archchancellor for the second half of The Light Fantastic ...
Lit (band) - History - Tripping The Light Fantastic (1997–1998)
... On April 1, 1997 the group released Tripping the Light Fantastic on the Malicious Vinyl record label ... Malicious Vinyl went out of business shortly after Tripping the Light Fantastic was released, which left the band unsigned once again ...
Discworld Characters - Cohen The Barbarian
... When he was first introduced in The Light Fantastic, he had lost all his teeth and sounded really weird ... sick of constantly eating soup, but halfway through The Light Fantastic he finds some scattered pieces of diamond from a troll's tooth and later has the diamond shards used to make ... Also in The Light Fantastic, Cohen marries a young woman who is almost a century younger than him and they have a daughter ...
Tripping The Light Fantastic (album)
... Review scores Source Rating Allmusic Tripping the Light Fantastic is the full-length debut of Lit, an alternative rock band ... left the record label owning the rights to Tripping The Light Fantastic, and it was reissued in late 1999 on the band's own label, Dirty Martini, with distribution through their then-current ...

Famous quotes containing the words fantastic and/or light:

    The land is the appointed remedy for whatever is false and fantastic in our culture. The continent we inhabit is to be physic and food for our mind, as well as our body. The land, with its tranquilizing, sanative influences, is to repair the errors of a scholastic and traditional education, and bring us to just relations with men and things.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Not every light is a true light;
    To the wise the light of truth is light itself.
    Tiruvalluvar (c. 5th century A.D.)