Light Armored Vehicle

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List Of Vehicles Of The United States Marine Corps - Active Use - Wheeled Vehicles - Light Armored Vehicle
... LAV-25 armament-reconnaissance vehicle LAV-AT anti-tank TOW carrier LAV-M mortar carrier LAV-R recovery LAV-C2 command and control LAV-L logistics cargo carrier LAV-MEWSS ...
Paul Jaworski - The First Armored Car Robbery
... leader of the "Flatheads" gang, who committed the first-ever armored car robbery, on March 11, 1927 ... The gang stole over $104,000 from an armored vehicle on Bethel Road, Bethel Park, 7 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ...
List Of Gulf War Military Equipment - Coalition - United States of America - Land Based
... Patton MBT (Main Battle Tank) (USMC) M551A1 Sheridan TTS (Tank Thermal Sight) Armored Reconnaissance Airborne Assault Vehicle Armoured Vehicles M2A2 Bradley IFV (Infantry ...
Cougar (vehicle) - Gallery
... hit by mine explosion, all crew survived, vehicle drove back to base on 3 wheels Cougar hit by 300-500 lb IED attack, all crew survived Cougar hit by 300-500 ...
Improvised Armored Train
... The Japanese Improvised Armored Train was a series of armored trains converted by normal passenger trains built in the 1920s ...

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    You utilitarians, you too love everything useful only as a vehicle of your inclinations—you too really find the noise of its wheels intolerable?
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Not yet the thirtieth year, the thirtieth
    Station where time reverses his light heels
    To run both ways, and makes of forward back;
    Whose long co-ordinates are birth and death....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    The origin of storms is not in clouds,
    our lightning strikes when the earth rises,
    spillways free authentic power:
    dead John Brown’s body walking from a tunnel
    to break the armored and concluded mind.
    Muriel Rukeyser (1913–1980)