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LifeSize focuses on replicating face-to-face communications through high definition videoconferencing, often called telepresence. Well known for its history of innovation, LifeSize was the first video conferencing company to bring high definition video communications to market in 2005. Additionally, LifeSize has continued to transform the industry with other “firsts” such as the first HD video system for under $5,000 and $2,500, first one-button HD streaming and recording solution, first integrated virtualized video infrastructure platform, the broadest range of support for mobile devices, first touch screen phone optimized for video collaboration, and first all-in-one video conferencing solution assembled in minutes.

In 2013, LifeSize introduced a new brand concept called, “Smart Video” that describes the connected relationship between its endpoints and infrastructure. To date, no other video conferencing vendor provides such a high level of integration between the two.

LifeSize product stable includes high definition endpoints and accessories, NATfirewall traversal, audio phones, ISDN gateways, Multipoint Control Units and management systems, as well as mobile video conferencing software and a cloud-based IaaS offering for video conferencing. LifeSize also offers a streaming, recording, and auto-publishing server called LifeSize Video Center.

LifeSize has partnered with various other technology companies, including Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Inc., Microsoft, ShoreTel, Inc., VMware and VBrick Systems. LifeSize currently has two products on the market designed for interoperability with Microsoft Lync: LifeSize LRS 1000 and LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft Lync.

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