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Well-known contributors since 1936 have included:

  • Berry Berenson (photojournalist)
  • Walter Bosshard (photojournalist)
  • Margaret Bourke-White (photojournalist)
  • Larry Burrows (photojournalist)
  • David Burnett (photojournalist)
  • Robert Capa (photojournalist)
  • Brad Darrach (film critic)
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson (photojournalist)
  • Wheeler Winston Dixon (film critic)
  • Alfred Eisenstaedt (photojournalist)
  • Bill Eppridge (photojournalist)
  • J.R. Eyerman (photojournalist)
  • Andreas Feininger (photojournalist)
  • Clay Felker (sportswriter, founder of New York Magazine)
  • Ron Galella (photojournalist)
  • Alfred Gescheidt (photojournalist)
  • Bob Gomel (photojournalist)
  • Allan Grant (photojournalist)
  • Philippe Halsman (photographer)
  • Dora Jane Hamblin (correspondent)
  • Dirck Halstead (photojournalist)
  • Mary Hamman (modern living editor)
  • Bernard Hoffman (photojournalist)
  • Henri Huet (photojournalist)
  • Sally Kirkland (fashion editor)
  • Will Lang Jr. (Bureau Head / chief Regional Bureau Director)
  • Dorothea Lange
  • Mary Leatherbee (movie editor)
  • Lejaren Hiller, Sr., illustrator
  • Henry Luce (publisher, editor-in-chief, 1936–1964)
  • Hansel Mieth (photojournalist)
  • Lee Miller (photojournalist)
  • James Mills (reporter / associate editor)
  • Gjon Mili (photojournalist)
  • Ralph Morse (photojournalist)
  • Carl Mydans (photojournalist)
  • Gordon Parks (photojournalist)
  • John Phillips (photojournalist)
  • Normand Poirier (writer)
  • Co Rentmeester (phojournalist)
  • Paul Schutzer (photojournalist)
  • Ronald B. Scott (sportswriter and later a novelist)
  • Richard B. Stolley (foreign correspondent, assistant managing editor, founding managing editor of "People Magazine"
  • Mark Shaw (photographer)
  • Art Shay (photojournalist)
  • George Silk (photojournalist)
  • W. Eugene Smith (photojournalist)
  • David Snell writer and cartoonist
  • Peter Stackpole (photojournalist)
  • Edward Steichen (portrait photographer)
  • Pete Souza (photojournalist)
  • Karina Taira (fashion photographer)
  • Edward K. Thompson (managing editor 1949–1961; editor in chief 1961–1970)
  • Thomas Thompson (novelist)
  • John Vachon (photojournalist)
  • Jeff Vespa (photojournalist and editor at large)
  • James Watters (film critic)
  • Leigh Wiener (photojournalist)
  • André Weinfeld (portrait photographer)
  • James M. Whitmore (photojournalist)
  • Peter Young (foreign correspondent in Moscow and Paris, senior editor, later managing editor of "Saturday Review")
  • Tony Zappone (photojournalist, Europe edition)
  • John G. Zimmerman (photojournalist)

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