Liegnitz Ritter-Akademie - Teachers and High-level Personnel

Teachers and High-level Personnel

  • 1708: August Bohse (1661-1740), was from 1708 a professor at the knight academy
  • 1788: Karl Abraham baron von Zedlitz (1731-1793), Royal Prussian minister of education and law (from 1770), was from 1788 to 1789 a director of the knight academy
  • 1815: Friedrich Karl Hermann Kruse (1790-1866), historian, was around 1815 a teacher at the knight academy
  • 1818: Carl Friedrich Mosch (1784-1859), mineralogist, draughtsman and a writer, was from 1818 to his retirement 1835 teachers at the knight academy
  • 1910: Hans's Ernst count von Carmer Carmer-Zieserwitz (1861-1922), property gentleman on Zieserwitz, member of the Prussian Lower House and the realm daily, Royal Prussian major, was around 1910 curator of the knight academy and the pc. of Johannis pin
  • 1910: Antonius Dietrich von Auer (1860-1923), Royal Prussian major, was around 1910 governor of the knight academy

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