Lie Transformations

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Lie Sphere Geometry in Space and Higher Dimensions - General Theory
... Lie sphere geometry in n-dimensions is obtained by replacing R3,2 (corresponding to the Lie quadric in n = 2 dimensions) by Rn + 1, 2 ... This is Rn + 3 equipped with the symmetric bilinear form The Lie quadric Qn is again defined as the set of ∈ RPn+2 = P(Rn+1,2) with x · x = 0 ... The group of Lie transformations is now O(n + 1, 2) and the Lie transformations preserve incidence of Lie cycles ...
Lie Sphere Geometry in The Plane - Lie Transformations
... Any element of the group O(3,2) of orthogonal transformations of R3,2 maps any null one dimensional subspaces of R3,2 to another such subspace ... Hence the group O(3,2) acts on the Lie quadric ... These transformations of cycles are called "Lie transformations" ...

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