Liberal Government 1905–1915 - Cabinets - Asquith’s Cabinet

Asquith’s Cabinet

Prime Minister
First Lord of the Treasury
H. H. Asquith May 1908–May 1915
Lord Chancellor The Lord Loreburn April 1908–June 1912
The Viscount Haldane June 1912–May 1915
Lord President of the Council The Lord Tweedmouth April–September 1908
The Viscount Wolverhampton September 1908–June 1910
The Earl Beauchamp June–November 1910
The Viscount Morley of Blackburn November 1910–August 1914
The Earl Beauchamp August 1914–May 1915
Lord Privy Seal The Marquess of Ripon May–October 1908
The Earl of Crewe October 1908–October 1911
The Earl Carrington October 1911–February 1912
The Earl of Crewe February 1912–May 1915
Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George May 1908–May 1915
Home Secretary Herbert Gladstone May 1908–February 1910
Winston Churchill February 1910–October 1911
Reginald McKenna October 1911–May 1915
Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, Bt May 1908–May 1915
Secretary of State for the Colonies The Earl of Crewe May 1908–November 1910
Lewis Harcourt November 1910–May 1915
Secretary of State for War Richard Haldane May 1908–June 1912
John Seely June 1912–March 1914
H.H. Asquith March–August 1914
The Earl Kitchener August 1914–May 1915
Secretary of State for India The Viscount Morley of Blackburn May 1908–November 1910
The Earl of Crewe November 1910–May 1915
First Lord of the Admiralty Reginald McKenna May 1908–October 1911
Winston Churchill October 1911–May 1915
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster The Viscount Wolverhampton May–September 1908
The Lord FitzMaurice September 1908–June 1909
Herbert Samuel June 1909–May 1910
Joseph Pease May 1910–October 1911
Sir Charles Hobhouse, Bt October 1911–February 1914
Charles Masterman February 1914–January 1915
Edwin Samuel Montagu January–May 1915
President of the Board of Trade Winston Churchill May 1908–February 1910
Sydney Buxton February 1910–February 1914
John Burns February–August 1914
Walter Runciman August 1914–May 1915
Secretary for Scotland John Sinclair May 1908–February 1912
Thomas McKinnon Wood February 1912–May 1915
Chief Secretary for Ireland Augustine Birrell May 1908–May 1915
President of the Local Government Board John Burns May 1908–February 1914
Herbert Samuel February 1914–May 1915`
President of the Board of Agriculture The Earl Carrington May 1908–October 1911
Walter Runciman October 1911–August 1914
The Lord Lucas August 1914–May 1915
President of the Board of Education Walter Runciman May 1908–October 1911
Joseph Pease October 1911–May 1915
Postmaster General Sydney Buxton May 1908–February 1910
Herbert Samuel February 1910–February 1914
Sir Charles Hobhouse, Bt February 1914–May 1915
First Commissioner of Works Lewis Harcourt May 1908–November 1910
The Earl Beauchamp November 1910–August 1914
The Lord Emmott August 1914–May 1915
Attorney General Sir Rufus Isaacs June 1912–October 1913
Sir John Simon October 1913–May 1915

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