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Phones using LiMo include:

Samsung NEC Panasonic
  • Vodafone 360 H1
  • Vodafone 360 M1
  • Samsung SCH-M510
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM N-01A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-02A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-03A
  • docomo SMART seriesTM N-04A
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM N-06A
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM N-07A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-08A
  • docomo SMART seriesTM N-09A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-01B
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM N-02B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-03B
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM N-04B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-05B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-06B
  • docomo SMART seriesTM N-07B
  • docomo PRO seriesTM N-08B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-01C
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM N-02C
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM N-03C
  • N706ie
  • N905iμ
  • N705i
  • N905i
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM P-01A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-02A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-03A
  • docomo SMART seriesTM P-04A
  • docomo SMART seriesTM P-05A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-06A
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM P-07A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-08A
  • docomo SMART seriesTM P-09A
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-10A
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM P-01B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-02B
  • docomo SMART seriesTM P-03B
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM P-04B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-05B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-06B
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-07B
  • docomo SMART seriesTM P-01C
  • docomo STYLE seriesTM P-02C
  • docomo PRIME seriesTM P-03C
  • P706ie
  • P705i
  • P905i
  • P905iTV
  • P906I

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