Li Maozhen - Personal Information

Personal Information

  • Father
    • Song Duan (宋端)li>
  • Mother
    • Lady Lu, Lady Dowager of Yan
  • Wife
    • Empress Liu, mother of Li Jiyan, Li Jichang, Li Jizhao, Li Jiwei, and three daughters, later known as Lady Dowager Xiande of Qin
  • Children
    • Li Jiyan (李繼曮), name later changed to Li Congyan (李從曮) (changed 926)
    • Li Jichang (李繼昶), name later changed to Li Congchang (李從昶) (changed 926)
    • Li Jizhao (李繼昭), name later changed to Li Congzhao (李從昭) (apparently different than adoptive son Fu Daozhao) (changed 926)
    • Li Jiwei (李繼暐)
    • Li Jikan (李繼侃) or Li Kan (李侃), name briefly changed to Song Kan (宋侃) in 902
    • One other son
    • Four daughters
  • Adoptive children
    • Li Jizhen (李繼臻)
    • Li Jimi (李繼密), né Wang Wanhong (王萬弘), surrendered to Wang Jian 902 and changed name back to Wang Wanhong, later committed suicide
    • Li Jipeng (李繼鵬), né Yan Gui (閻珪), executed by Li Maozhen 895
    • Li Jiyóng (李繼顒, note different tone than his adoptive brother), killed by Wang Zongkan (王宗侃) 895
    • Li Jiyōng (李繼雍, note different tone than his adoptive brother)
    • Li Jihui (李繼徽), né Yang Chongben (楊崇本), surrendered to Zhu Quanzhong 901 and changed name back to Yang Chongben, changed name back to Li Jihui and resubmitted to Li Maozhen 904, poisoned to death in 914 by his son Li Yanlu
    • Li Jizhao (李繼昭), né Fu Daozhao (符道昭) (apparently different than biological son Li Congzhao), surrendered to Zhu Quanzhong 902
    • Li Jitang (李繼瑭)
    • Li Jining (李繼寧), captured by Wang Jian 897
    • Li Jipo (李繼溥), surrendered to Wang Jian 897
    • Li Jiyun (李繼筠), executed by Li Maozhen 903
    • Li Jizhong (李繼忠)
    • Li Jiliao (李繼鐐), captured by Zhu Quanzhong 902
    • Li Jiqin (李繼欽)
    • Li Jizhi (李繼直), killed by Han Xun (韓遜) 909
    • Li Jikui (李繼虁)
    • Li Jiji (李繼岌), né Sang Hongzhi (桑弘志), surrendered to Wang Jian 916 and changed name back to Sang Hongzhi
    • Li Jizhi (李繼陟)

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