LHV may stand for:

  • Lower heating value, a property of a fuel, defined as the amount of heat released by combusting a specified quantity (initially at 25°C or another reference state) and returning the temperature of the combustion products to 150°C
  • Longer Heavier Vehicle, a type of commercial vehicle in the United Kingdom
  • Local hidden variable, a hypothetical manifestation of unknown classical physical parameters
  • Lõhmus, Haavel & Viisemann, Estonian investment bank
  • Laban Hrad Vidyapith, a higher secondary school in Saltlake City, Kolkata, India

Other articles related to "lhv, lhvs":

Thermal Efficiency - Energy Conversion - Effects of Fuel Heating Value
... The heating value for fuels is expressed as the HHV, LHV, or GHV to distinguish treatment of the heat of phase changes Higher heating value (HHV) is determined by bringing all the products of ... Lower heating value (LHV) (or net calorific value) is determined by subtracting the heat of vaporization of the water vapor from the higher heating value ... Not stating whether an efficiency is HHV or LHV renders such numbers very misleading ...
Dynamic Hilbert R-trees - Insertion
... At each level the node with the minimum LHV value greater than h of all its siblings is chosen ... inserted in a leaf node N, AdjustTree is called to fix the MBR and LHV values in the upper-level nodes ... Choose subtree If N is a non-leaf node, choose the entry (R, ptr, LHV) with the minimum LHV value greater than h ...
Heat Of Combustion - Heating Value - Usage of Terms
... plants in Europe may have once been calculated based on the LHV ... investigation may reveal that the US is still tending to use LHV in some circumstances, whether technically correct or not ... Using LHV in other energy calculations brings similar errors, especially when pulled (incorrectly) into electrolysis calculations etc ...
Dynamic Hilbert R-trees - Tree Structure
... the Hilbert R-tree and the R*-tree is that non-leaf nodes also contain information about the LHVs (Largest Hilbert Value) ... at most Cn entries of the form (R, ptr, LHV) where Cn is the capacity of a non-leaf node, R is the MBR that encloses all the children of that node, ptr is ... values of the children to be the value of its own LHV, there is not extra cost for calculating the Hilbert values of the MBR of non-leaf nodes ...