LG Life Sciences - Major Products

Major Products

1. Pharmaceuticals - Biologics and Vaccines

- Eutropin Inj. : Infant dwarfism by lack of growth hormone and Turner syndrome, adult growth hormone deficiency

- Hyruan Plus Inj. : Degenerative arthritis

- Euvax B Inj. : Immunization against infection caused by hepatitis B virus

- Espogen Inj. : Anemia in patients with chronic renal failure

- Intermax Alpha Inj. : Chronic hepatitis C, CML etc.

- Follitrope Inj. : Ovulation induction in assisted reproduction program

- Intermax Gamma Inj. : Rheumatic arthritis and myeloid leukemia

2. Pharmaceuticals - Small Molecules

- Zanidip Tab. : Essential hypertension

- Calvan Tab. : Hypertension

- IVF-M Inj., IVF-C Inj., Follimon Inj. : Ovulation induction in assisted reproduction program

- Factive Chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis

3. Specialty Chemicals

- Pyanchor(Pyribenzoxim) : Paddy fields(barnyard grass, spiderwort)

- Veteran(Imidacloprid) : Orcharding and horticulture(aphids, moths)

- Guardian(Ethaboxam) : Orcharding and horticulture(epidemics, downy mildews)

- Fluxo(Flucetosulfuron) : Paddy fields(broad-spectrum herbicide)

4. Diagnostics

- AdvanSure HPV Screening real-time PCR : For screening HPV virus in vaginal swap

- AdavanSure TB/NTM real-time PCR : Detecting M.tb complex and NTM(non-tubercle Mycobacteria) respectively

- AdvanSure Mycobacteria Genotyping Chip : Identifying 28 species of Mycobacteria by Hybridizing with PCR product targeted ITS (Internal Transcribed Spacer) region

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