Lexicographic Order

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Monomial Order - Examples - Graded Reverse Lexicographic Order
... Graded reverse lexicographic order (grevlex) compares the total degree first, then compares exponents of the last indeterminate xn but reversing the outcome (so the monomial with smaller ... Unlike for graded lexicographic order, the ungraded version of this ordering does not give a monomial ordering, since the (increasing) powers of any single indeterminate would form an infinite decreasing chain ...
Monomial Order - Examples - Lexicographic Order
... Lexicographic order (lex) first compares exponents of x1 in the monomials, and in case of equality compares exponents of x2, and so forth ... name is derived from the similarity with the usual alphabetical order used in lexicography for dictionaries, if monomials are represented by the sequence of the exponents of the ... The failure of dictionary order to be a well ordering does not present a problem here when there are finitely many indeterminates, because all sequences have ...
Permutations in Computing - Algorithms To Generate Permutations - Generation in Lexicographic Order
... flexible, is based on finding the next permutation in lexicographic ordering, if it exists ... it is significantly more efficient than generating values for the Lehmer code in lexicographic order (possibly using the factorial number system) and converting those to permutations ... by sorting the sequence in (weakly) increasing order (which gives its lexicographically minimal permutation), and then repeats advancing to the next permutation as long as one is found ...

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