Leverhulme Medal (Royal Society) - List of Recipients

List of Recipients

Year Name Rationale Notes
1960 Hinshelwood, Cyril NormanCyril Norman Hinshelwood "for his outstanding contributions to physical chemistry"
1963 Martin, Archer John PorterArcher John Porter Martin "for his distinguished and fundamental discoveries in chromatography and its application"
1966 Issigonis, AlecAlec Issigonis "for his distinguished contributions to the design of motor cars, particularly the Morris Minor and Austin and Morris Mini"
1969 Kronberger, HansHans Kronberger "for his many distinguished contributions to nuclear reactor research and development and for outstanding leadership in all branches of his field"
1972 Adams, JohnJohn Adams "for his many distinguished work in development of particle accelerators, and plasma physics"
1975 Rose, FrankFrank Rose "for his distinguished contributions to the application of chemical science to industry"
1978 Warner, FrederickFrederick Warner "for his outstanding work as consulting engineer both nationally and internationally in many branches of chemical engineering, particularly control of pollution"
1981 Hooker, StanleyStanley Hooker "for his work on superchargers of the Merlin engines, the development of the first Rolls Royce jet engines, then Bristol engines including that for the jump jet and, later, the final development of the Rolls Royce RB211 engine"
1984 Davidson, John FrankJohn Frank Davidson "for his distinguished contributions to chemical engineering, in particular the use of fluidised beds."
1987 Gray, George WilliamGeorge William Gray "for his many contributions to the technologically important field of liquid crystals"
1990 Freeman, RayRay Freeman "for introducing new techniques in high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, particularly the development of two-dimensional Fourier transform methods"
1993 Rowlinson, JohnJohn Rowlinson "distinguished for his contributions to thermodynamics, in particular to an understanding of the physical chemistry of gas-liquid interfaces and surfaces"
1996 Sharma, Man MohanMan Mohan Sharma "for his work on the dynamics of multi-phase chemical reactions in industrial processes"
1999 Baldwin, JackJack Baldwin "in recognition of his distinguished contributions to the field of organic chemistry including his work on natural products synthesis and biosynthesis, particularly for his research in the b-lactam antibiotic field, initially contributing to biosynthetic problems which paved the way to the study of the enzymology of the process and eventually culminating in the determination of the crystal structure of isopenicillin N synthase"
2002 Handy, NicholasNicholas Handy "for his pioneering contributions to the development of the modern methodology of quantum chemistry, which has had an enormous impact on chemistry and molecular biology"
2005 Knott, JohnJohn Knott "for his distinguished contributions to the quantitative scientific understanding of fracture processes in metals and alloys and its engineering applications"
2008 Cheetham, AnthonyAnthony Cheetham "for the discovery and characterisation of novel materials exhibiting potential for catalysis and storage"
2010 Poliakoff, MartynMartyn Poliakoff "for his outstanding contributions in the fields of Green Chemistry and supercritical fluids by the application of chemistry to advance chemical engineering processes"

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