• (noun): Changing the ground level to a smooth horizontal or gently sloping surface.
    Synonyms: grading
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Morphological Leveling
... In linguistics, morphological leveling is the generalization of an inflection across a paradigm or between words ... they is in some dialects of English is leveling, by analogy with a more frequent form, as is the reanalysis of English strong verbs as weak verbs, such as bode becoming bided or swoll ... When a language becomes less synthetic, this is often a matter of morphological leveling ...
Leveling Effect (chemistry)
... Leveling effect or solvent leveling refers to the effect of solvent on the properties of acids and bases ...
Raymond Alvah Hanson - Background
... of the Palouse region, which would play into his first invention,the self leveling control for Combine Harvesters ... In 1941 Hanson conceived of the self-leveling control for hillside combines, and by 1945 the first self leveling mechanisms were built ... Hanson founded the RAHCO Company to build self-leveling mechanisms and since then, RAHCO of Spokane, Washington has grown into a world leader in the design ...
Trickster Online - Leveling Up
... There are two leveling systems base leveling and TM leveling ... Base leveling percentage is shown at the very top of the screen as a long yellow bar ... of the "Skills" window and under the base leveling bar (as the green bar) ...

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