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Tropical Storm Olga (2007) - Meteorological History
... In the first week of December, a westward-moving upper-level low led to the formation of a broad surface trough well to the east of the northern Lesser Antilles ... in association with the trough and an upper-level low ... On December 10 a low-level circulation developed within the system, though its convection had become disorganized and well-removed from the center ...
Cyclone Akash - Meteorological History
... on the periphery of the consolidating low-level circulation center. 13, the pressure had dropped to 1000 mbar as wind shear levels dropped significantly ... Convection continued to consolidate around the low-level circulation, and with well-defined banding features and a central dense overcast over the center of circulation, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC ...
Hurricane Iris - Meteorological History
... an area of hostile wind shear, caused by a large upper-level low associated with a trough to the northeast of the Lesser Antilles ... A few days later, the upper-level low detached from the trough and moved southwestward over the Caribbean Sea ... This allowed for the formation of an upper-level ridge, or high pressure area, over the tropical wave ...
Tropical Storm Bopha - Meteorological History
... had a poorly defined, elongated atmospheric circulation and was located in an area of moderate wind shear and restricted outflow, due to a subtropical ridge to ... The center slowly consolidated, with a well-defined mid-level circulation ... The circulation became exposed, and the JTWC noted that Bopha was unable to intensify significantly due to its low latitude and correspondingly low Coriolis effect ...
Meteorological History Of Hurricane Ivan - Redevelopment and Demise
... Ivan turned to the southeast and emerged into the Atlantic Ocean, due to the building of an upper-level ridge to its east ... Ivan remained identifiable in both surface and upper-level data, and the system turned south and southwestward over the subsequent days ... of the region the low began to re-acquire tropical characteristics the low-level circulation became increasingly better defined, and convection redeveloped over the center ...

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