Let's Tap - Gameplay - Minigames


The game features the following minigames:

  • Tap Runner: Up to four players compete in a side scrolling race along an obstacle course where they must jump over chasms, climb up ramps and edge along tightropes, in addition to completing mini challenges such as inflating a balloon the fastest. The game is controlled with the speed of taps, with rhythmic tapping making the player jog, faster taps to run and a hard tap to jump.
  • Rhythm Tap: Players tap in time to a moving timeline of musical beats.
  • Silent Blocks: Players must pull away blocks that make up an unstable tower by carefully tapping. A puzzle mode variation sees players making stacks of three or more matching colored blocks in order to make them disappear.
  • Bubble Voyager: Players control a character through a maze of floating mines, collecting stars along the way. The minigame also features a multiplayer battle mode for up to four players.
  • Visualizer: A freeform mode where players use taps to create imagery such as fireworks bursting over a futuristic cityscape, paint splattering on a canvas, and ripples of water across a pond.

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