Lesotho Parliamentary Election, 2007 - Results


Party Constituency PR Seats
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats Total +/–
Lesotho Congress for Democracy 62 62 –15
National Independent Party 0 229,602 21 21 +16
All Basotho Convention 17 17 +17
Lesotho Workers' Party 0 107,463 10 10 +9
Basotho National Party 0 29,965 3 3 –18
Alliance of Congress Parties 1 20,263 1 2 –6
Popular Front for Democracy 0 15,477 1 1 ±0
Basutoland Congress Party 0 9,823 1 1 –2
Basotho Democratic National Party 0 8,783 1 1 +1
Basotho Batho Democratic Party 0 8,474 1 1 +1
Marematlou Freedom Party 0 9,129 1 1 ±0
New Lesotho Freedom Party 0 3,984 0 0 ±0
Vacant 1
Total 80 442,963 100 40 120 0'
Registered voters/turnout 916,230 50.2
Source: EISA

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