Lesja - Famous Residents

Famous Residents

  • Jakob Klukstad (1705–1773), who resided most of his life and died in Lesja, was an artist (carving and painting)
  • Edvard Storm (1749–1794), a teacher in Lesja, became a national romantic poet
  • Christen Henriksen Pram (1756–1821) was born in Lesja and became an economist, civil servant, poet, novelist, playwright, diarist and magazine editor.
  • Jens Holmboe (1752–1804), was born in Lesja and became a government official (bailiff)
  • John Flittie (1856 –1913), born in Lesja and emigrated to North America in 1867, became North Dakota's first Secretary of State
  • Frederick Delius (1862-1934), summered at the house he built in 1921, Villa Høifagerli, in Lesjaskog, Lesja
  • Olaf Heitkøtter (1928- ), who served as a mountain ranger in Lesja, is author of 7 books
  • Lars Berger (1979- ), biathlete
  • Tora Berger (1981- ), biathlete

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