Les Borges Blanques

Les Borges Blanques is the capital of the comarca of Les Garrigues, in the province of Lleida, Catalonia.

It lies in the southern sector of the central Catalan depression, near the zone watered by the Urgell canal. The high plateaux are covered by beautifully perfumed olive groves as thick as forests. The economy is agricultural, and Les Borges Blanques is a major producer of olives, in particular a variety known as arbequina which produces a highly-prized oil. The cooperative movement has strong roots in the area. There is little or no tourist infrastructure.

The traditional symbol of this city is an ox, which appears on a widely-used but unofficial coat of arms. These remind us that Les Borges Blanques was under the royal jurisdiction.

Municipalities of Garrigues
  • L'Albagés
  • L'Albi
  • Arbeca
  • Bellaguarda
  • Les Borges Blanques
  • Bovera
  • Castelldans
  • Cervià de les Garrigues
  • El Cogul
  • L'Espluga Calba
  • La Floresta
  • Fulleda
  • La Granadella
  • Granyena de les Garrigues
  • Juncosa
  • Juneda
  • Els Omellons
  • La Pobla de Cérvoles
  • Puiggròs
  • Soleràs
  • Tarrés
  • Els Torms
  • El Vilosell
  • Vinaixa

Coordinates: 41°31′10″N 0°52′06″E / 41.51944°N 0.86833°E / 41.51944; 0.86833

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