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len Movement - Movement Activities - Education
... Globally, the Gülen movement is especially active in education ... In 2009 Newsweek claimed that movement participants run "schools in which more than 2 million students receive education, many with full scholarships" ... and citizenship, and the Hizmet movement is to date an evidently admirable civil society organization to build bridges between religious communities and to provide direct service on ...
len Movement - Movement Activities - Political Involvement
... Questions have arisen about the Gülen movement’s possible involvement in the ongoing Ergenekon investigation (Ergenekon allegedly being a ultra-nationalist, pro-military, anti-governm ... "Imamin Ordusu" (The Imam's Army), which alleges that the Gülen movement has infiltrated the country’s security forces ... Gülen Movement newspaper Today's Zaman published an interview with publishers and writers who had published or written the harshest pieces against Gulen and ...
len Movement - Nature and Participation
... The exact number of supporters of the Gülen movement is not known, as the movement is rather secretive to some but to others there is no official membership structure ... The movement consists primarily of students, teachers, businessmen, journalists and other professionals ... Some studies claim that the movement is arranged in a flexible organizational network ...

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