Lehigh Valley Railroad - Passenger Operations

Passenger Operations

The LVRR operated several named trains in the post-World War II era. Among them:

  • No. 11 The Star
  • No. 4 The Major
  • No. 7/8 The Maple Leaf
  • No. 9/10 The Black Diamond
  • No. 23/24 The Lehighton Express
  • No. 25/26 The Asa Packer, named for the LVRR's best-known president
  • No. 28/29 The John Wilkes

The primary passenger motive power for the LVRR in the diesel era was the ALCO PA-1 car body diesel-electric locomotive, of which the LVRR had fourteen. These locomotives were also used in freight service during and after the era of LVRR passenger service. A pair of ALCO FA-2 FB-2 car body diesel-electric locomotives were also purchased to augment the PAs when necessary. These were FAs with steam generators, but they were not designated as FPA-2 units.

Due to declining passenger patronage, the Lehigh Valley successfully petitioned the Interstate Commerce Commission to terminate all passenger service. This took effect on February 4, 1961. Budd Rail Diesel Car service would continue on a branch line for an additional four days. The majority of passenger equipment is believed to have been scrapped some time after February 1961. Most serviceable equipment not retained for company service was sold to other roads.

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