Lego Studios - Classics (2002)

Classics (2002)

  • 1380 Werewolf Ambush

Minifigures: Gent, Lady, Werewolf.

Animals: Black Spider.

  • 1381 Vampire Crypt

Minifigures: Gent, Grip, Hunchback, Vampire.

Animals: 3 Black Bats

  • 1382 Scary Laboratory

Minifigures: Director, Frankenstein, Gent, Lady, Mad Scientist, Skeleton.

Animals:Brown Rat, 3 Black Bats, Black Scorpion.

  • 1383 Curse of the Pharaoh

Minifigures: Skeleton, Mummy.

Animals: Black Scorpion, Trans Green Spider.

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