Legionnaires' Rebellion and Bucharest Pogrom

Legionnaires' Rebellion And Bucharest Pogrom

The Legionnaires' rebellion and the Bucharest pogrom occurred in Bucharest, Romania, between 21 and 23 January 1941. As the privileges of the paramilitary organisation Iron Guard were being cut off by Conduc─âtor Ion Antonescu, members of the Iron Guard, also known as the Legionnaires, revolted. During the rebellion and pogrom, the Iron Guard killed 125 Jews and 30 soldiers died in the confrontation with the rebels. Following it, the Iron Guard movement was banned and 9,000 of its members were imprisoned.

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Legionnaires' Rebellion And Bucharest Pogrom - The Quelling of The Rebellion
... During the days of the rebellion, Antonescu avoided direct confrontation with the Legionnaires, but brought military units, including 100 tanks, into Bucharest from other cities ... interested in Romania as an ally, the horrific picture of the Pogrom became clear ... he gave the order to crush the rebellion ...

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