legalsuper is the industry super fund for Australia's legal profession. Although having public-offer status (meaning that anyone can join), it is essentially members of Australia's legal community that use legalsuper.

legalsuper commenced in February 2005 following the merger of the respective Victorian and New South Wales legal superannuation funds which both commenced in 1989.

legalsuper now provides membership to approximately 39,000 Australians working predominately in the legal sector. Estimates vary but the legal profession is estimated at 100,000 nationally.

With the legal community targeted by financial planners and accountants, legalsuper's competitors include retail funds, in particular master trust platforms, and self managed superannuation funds.

The company has assets worth more than $1.6 billion. Recent mergers include with the NSW Barristers Fund, Blake Dawson Partners Superannuation fund and the Victorian Bar Superannuation Fund.

A team of staff is located in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

As per other industry funds legalsuper is managed exclusively for the benefits of its members. The company pays no commissions to sales agents and there are no shareholders to receive dividends.