Legadue Basket - League System and Format

League System and Format

Legadue regular season is composed of 16 teams playing two legs of 15 matches: in each leg the teams face all the others one time, home or away, in the second leg matches are played with reversed field. Two teams advanced to Lega A — the first placed team in regular season, automatically promoted, and the winner of a playoff tournament involving the next eight teams in the regular-season standings, with 3 rounds on 5 matches (H-H-A-A-H schedule). The last 2 teams in regular season are relegated to Divisione Nazionale A (DNA), the first division of the Italian amateur basketball system (although many, if not all, of the teams at that level are effectively semi-professional).

The first 4 teams in Legadue standings at the end of first leg compete on a final four system for assignment of Coppa Italia di Legadue, the second national cup of Italian basketball, in a weekend at the end of February.

Legadue teams are required to follow a rule of prevalence of Italian players in roster composition, which imposes to line up at least six Italian-trained players (which played a minimum number of years in Italian youth series), up to one Italian naturalized player, up to one EU player, and up to two non-EU players.

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