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Divisible Group - Generalization
... zero-divisor, and some authors require that R is a domain.) For every principal left ideal Ra, any homomorphism from Ra into M extends to a homomorphism from R into M ... module is also called principally injective module.) For every finitely generated left ideal L of R, any homomorphism from L into M extends to a homomorphism ... Since injective left modules extend homomorphisms from all left ideals to R, injective modules are clearly divisible in sense 2 and 3 ...
Von Neumann Regular Ring - Facts
... The following statements are equivalent for the ring R R is von Neumann regular every principal left ideal is generated by an idempotent every finitely generated left ideal is generated by an idempotent every ... every short exact sequence of left R-modules is pure exact The corresponding statements for right modules are also equivalent to R being von Neumann regular ... dimension 0 and is reduced Every localization of R at a maximal ideal is a field R is a subring of a product of fields closed under taking "weak inverses" of x∈R (the unique element y ...
Algebra Over A Field - Basic Concepts - Subalgebras and Ideals
... A left ideal of a K-algebra is a linear subspace that has the property that any element of the subspace multiplied on the left by any element of the ... In symbols, we say that a subset L of a K-algebra A is a left ideal if for every x and y in L, z in A and c in K, we have the following three statements ... closed under scalar multiplication), 3) z · x is in L (L is closed under left multiplication by arbitrary elements) ...
Matrix Ring - Structure
... There is a one-to-one correspondence between the two-sided ideals of Mn(R) and the two-sided ideals of R ... Namely, for each ideal I of R, the set of all n×n matrices with entries in I is an ideal of Mn(R), and each ideal of Mn(R) arises in this way ... For n ≥ 2, not every left ideal or right ideal of Mn(R) arises by the previous construction from a left ideal or a right ideal in R ...
Essential Extension
... submodule H of M, implies that As a special case, an essential left ideal of R is a left ideal which is essential as a submodule of the left module RR ... The left ideal has non-zero intersection with any non-zero left ideal of R ... Analogously, and essential right ideal is exactly an essential submodule of the right R module RR ...

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