Lee Jamieson

Lee Jamieson (born 14 December 1977), is an English author, journalist and lecturer.

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Lee Jamieson - Bibliography
... Books by Lee Jamieson Jamieson, Lee Antonin Artaud From Theory to Practice (Greenwich Exchange London, 2007) ISBN 978-1-871551-98-3 Jamieson, Lee Focus on Harold Pinter (Greenwich Exchange London, 2008) ISBN. 44, 2007) Jamieson, Lee The States Awaits in Arabian Travel News (January 2009) Jamieson, Lee The Other Europe in Arabian Travel News (February 2009) ...
Antonin Artaud - Theatre of Cruelty
... Lee Jamieson has identified four ways in which Artaud used the term cruelty ... – Lee Jamieson, Antonin Artaud From Theory to Practice, Greenwich Exchange, 2007, p.21-22 Artaud's second use of the term (according to Jamieson), is as a form of discipline ... Although Artaud wanted to "reject form and incite chaos" (Jamieson, p ...

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