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Leading/trailing Drum Brake
... The single-leading-shoe drum brake (SLS), a.k.a ... "leading/trailing drum brake", is a basic type of drum brake design ... An SLS brake is less powerful as a twin-leading-shoe drum brake, but that is not critical on the rear where excessive braking force can cause the rear roadwheels to lock ...
Twin Leading Drum Brake
... The twin-leading-shoe brake (2LS) is a type of drum brake that has two leading shoes, rather than the single leading shoe and a single trailing shoe of a ... A leading shoe has a self-servo effect, so an advantage of a 2LS is that it provides the maximum retardation in its intended direction of travel, i.e ... The self-servo effect arises because the leading shoe are dragged into the friction surface of the brake drum, and thus achieving maximum braking force ...

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    For the shoe pinches, even though it fits perfectly.
    Apples were made to be gathered, also the whole host of the world’s ailments and troubles.
    There is no time like the present for giving in to this temptation.
    Tomorrow you’ll weep what of it?
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    Science and art are only too often a superior kind of dope, possessing this advantage over booze and morphia: that they can be indulged in with a good conscience and with the conviction that, in the process of indulging, one is leading the “higher life.”
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)