Leading Edges

Some articles on leading edges, leading:

Aerodynamic Heating - Aircraft
... The Concorde dealt with the increased heat loads at its leading edges by the use of high temperature materials and the design of heat sinks into the aircraft structure at the ... for hypersonic missiles would employ liquid cooling of the leading edges (usually the fuel en route to the engine) ...
De-ice - Electric Systems
... embedded in a rubber sheet cemented to the leading edges of wings and tail surfaces, propeller leading edges, and helicopter rotor blade leading edges ...
WaveRider - Design
... of research was dedicated to combining the blunt-nose system with wings, leading to the development of the lifting body designs in the U.S ... He noticed that the detachment of the shock wave over the blunt leading edges of the wings of the Armstrong-Whitworth design would allow the air on the bottom of the craft to flow ... Waveriders generally have sharp noses and sharp leading edges on their wings ...

Famous quotes containing the words edges and/or leading:

    The essence of the physicality of the most famous blonde in the world is a wholesome eroticism blurred a little round the edges by the fact she is not quite sure what eroticism is. This gives her her tentative luminosity and what makes her, somehow, always more like her own image in the mirror than she is like herself.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)

    There are people who are so presumptuous that they know no other way to praise a greatness that they publicly admire than by representing it as a preliminary stage and bridge leading to themselves.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)