Lead User

Lead user is a term developed by Eric von Hippel in 1986 (Von Hippel 1986). His definition for lead user is:

  1. Lead users face needs that will be general in a marketplace – but face them months or years before the bulk of that marketplace encounters them, and
  2. Lead users are positioned to benefit significantly by obtaining a solution to those needs.

In other words: Lead users are users of a product or service that currently experience needs still unknown to the public and who also benefit greatly if they obtain a solution to these needs. Because lead users innovate, they are considered to be one example or type of the creative consumers phenomenon.

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... The lead user method can be utilized in any industry and at any level of product complexity ... The following are examples where the Lead User method was utilized to create a new product which satisfied a specific need The lead user method was utilized in 3M’s Medical-Surgical. 3M assembled a team of lead users which included a veterinarian surgeon, a makeup artist, doctors from developing countries and military medics ...

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