Law of Value - The Law of Value in Soviet-type Societies

The Law of Value in Soviet-type Societies

There has been a long and drawn-out debate among Marxists about whether the law of value also operates in non-capitalist societies where production is directed mainly by the state authorities. This debate occurred separately from the socialist calculation debate. There is still little agreement on the issue, because different Marxists use different definitions and concepts which are often influenced by political attitudes (for example, some regarded the Soviet Union as "socialist", others as "capitalist", and still others as "neither capitalist nor socialist").

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Law Of Value - The Law of Value in Soviet-type Societies - Ongoing Debate
... people, often have an ambivalent attitude to the law - they like the law, if the law is on their side, but not if it isn't ... in 2007, many people complained that he was taking the law into his own hands (see Venezuelan constitutional referendum, 2007) ... do not believe society can exist without regulation, without laws ...

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