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Police Ranks

The Federal Police doesn't have a hierarchical relation with the Local Police. Instead, there is a functional connection between the two entities. Both the Federal and the Local Police are built up hierarchically, with the same ranks.

The rank insignia are rectangular plates that are worn on the left pocket flap of the uniform shirt, fleece, sweater, jacket, coat and/or bulletproof vest. On the right side pocket flap, a similar plate is worn, displaying the officer's name and a separating line with underneath the name of the force and/or unit the officer belongs to. In some cases (mostly commissioned officers) the function is displayed (e.g. "Commissioner-General). This plate also has orange/red (Federal Police), light blue (Local Police) or silver (General Inspection) lines, but mirrored, so that the lines are on the left side.

The color of the insignia and the officer's name, function/unit/force and the separating line depends on the cadre the officer belongs to. Silver is used for all auxiliary, base and middle ranks (up to Chief Inspector), gold is used for all officer ranks.

Cadre Rank Rank insignia Federal Police Rank insignia Local Police
Officer level

(commissioned officers)

Chief Commissioner - Hoofdcommissaris - Commissaire Divisionnaire
Commissioner - Commissaris - Commissaire
Candidate Police Commissioner - Aspirant-Commissaris - Aspirant-Commissaire

(non-commissioned officers)

Chief Inspector - Hoofdinspecteur - Inspecteur Principal

equal to sergeant

Candidate Chief Inspector - Aspirant-Hoofdinspecteur - Aspirant-Inspecteur Principal


Inspector - Inspecteur - Inspecteur

base rank; full powers; equal to constable or officer

Candidate Inspector - Aspirant-Inspecteur - Aspirant-Inspecteur
Auxiliary level (Auxiliary) Officer - Agent - Agent

only limited powers; not to be confused with constable or officer; formerly known as "auxiliary officer"

Candidate (Auxiliary) Officer - Aspirant-Agent - Aspirant-Agent

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