Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 10) - Cast - Recurring Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Lindsay Crouse as Judge D. Andrews
  • Stephen Gregory as Dr. Kyle Beresford
  • Stephanie March as ADA Alexandra Cabot
  • David Lipman as Judge Arthur Cohen
  • Judith Light as Executive ADA Elizabeth Donnelly / Judge Elizabeth Donnelly
  • David Thornton as Defense Attorney Lionel Granger
  • Peter Hermann as Defense Attorney Trevor Langan
  • Amir Arison as Dr. Manning
  • Joel de la Fuente as TARU Technician Ruben Morales
  • John Cullum as Judge Barry Moredock
  • Mike Doyle as CSU Forensics Technician Ryan O'Halloran
  • Deep Katdare as Dr. Parnell
  • Joanna Merlin as Judge Lena Petrovsky
  • Alex Kingston as Defense Attorney Miranda Pond
  • Audrie J. Neenan as Judge Lois Preston
  • Caren Browning as CSU Captain Judith Siper
  • Isabel Gillies as Kathy Stabler
  • Allison Siko as Kathleen Stabler
  • Noel Fisher as CSU Forensics Technician Dale Stuckey
  • Lizette Carrion as ADA Kristen Torres
  • Kelly Bishop as Defense Attorney Julia Zimmer

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