Laurence Gartel - Selected Commissions

Selected Commissions

  • ArtFellas Ferrari Scuderia 430
  • Telsa Electric Art Roadster
  • First Naples International Film Festival Official Poster
  • Scripps Research Facility Public Art Commission, Palm Beach
  • Cinema Arts of the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Clark Gable
  • The Walt Disney Company; - Official millennium image for Epcot Center
  • Bristol Myers Squibb – Annual report
  • Philip Morris – German national advertising campaign
  • Commerzbank – German National advertising campaign
  • GWW Wiesbaden – 50th anniversary commemorative image
  • BATES Agency Frankfurt - German Advertising
  • Budweiser – National advertising
  • Amerivox – National phone card
  • Sprint – National phone card
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals – Global annual report
  • Phoenix Suns Basketball Team – Official team poster
  • Dan Majerle's Sports Bar – National basketball association player poster
  • Museum of Discovery & Science, Florida, - museum poster
  • Mobil Oil – national advertising campaign
  • Grapevine Telecards – National phone card
  • IBM – National ad campaign
  • Canon USA – National advertising campaign
  • Marlboro – Horse racing poster, Puerto rico
  • SWATCH, Switzerland – merchandise development
  • Boy Scouts of America – Official poster
  • Future Film Festival, Bologna, Italy – National poster
  • METRO-DADE Art-In-Public-Places, Florida – International airport commission
  • Jimmy Star Fashion Designer, - Promotional material and national advertising campaign
  • ABSOLUT GARTEL" for Absolut Vodka appearing in: Art-In-America," "Artforum," "Art and Auction,"
  • "Sotheby's Preview," "Scientific America," "WIRED," "Art and Antiques," "Technology Review," "NY Magazine;"
  • Official Poster for the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, Ft. Lauderdale, 1995;
  • Official Poster for the Palm Beach Photography Workshops & Museum;
  • Dinosaur Poster Series Image Marketing, Chicago, Illinois
  • SAKURA, NYC, - Dinnerware
  • ACME Writing Tools, Hawaii - PENS;
  • Ritzenhoff Cristal, Germany – Glassware
  • Gibson Guitars – Limited edition Gartel Guitars
  • Numerous international private collections

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