Laurence Gartel - Selected Book Covers

Selected Book Covers

  • "The Inevitable Partenaire Japonais," Dominique Turcq, Fayard, Brussels, Belgium, 1992
  • "Guidelines" Ruth Spack," St. Martins Press, NYC, New York, 1990
  • "Performance Measurement of Computer Systems," Phillip McKerrow, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1988
  • "Syntax Analysis and Software Tools," K. John Gough, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1988
  • "Data Base Theory and Practice," Lars Frank, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1988
  • "Parallel Programming," R.H. Perrott, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1987
  • "Logic Programming and Knowledge Engineering," Tore Amble, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1987
  • "Programming the NS32000," Chris Martin, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1987
  • "Writing In Organization," Peggy Maki, McGraw Hill, New York, 1987
  • "Text Processing and Type Setting with Unix," David Barron, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1987
  • "Introduction to Expert Systems," Peter Jackson, Addison Wesley, U.K., 1986
  • "La Directorie," Western Pacific Publishing, California, 1982

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