Latvian Orthography - Computer Encoding

Computer Encoding

Lack of software support of diacritics has caused an unofficial style of orthography, often called translit, to emerge for use in situations when the user is unable to access Latvian diacritic marks on the computer or using cell phone. It uses basic Modern Latin alphabet only, and letters that aren't used in standard orthography are usually omitted. In this style, diacritics are replaced by digraphs;

  • ā, ē, ī, ū - aa, ee, ii, uu
  • ļ, ņ, ģ - lj, nj, gj
  • š - sh (as well as ss, sj, et al.)

Some people may find it difficult to use these unusual methods, so they write without any indication of missing diacritic marks, or they use digraphs only if the diacritic mark in question would make a semantic difference. There exists yet another style, sometimes called "Pokémonism" (In Latvian Internet slang "Pokémon" is derogatory for adolescent), characterised by use of some elements of leet, use of non-Latvian letters (particularly w and x instead of v and ks), use of c instead of ts, use of z in endings, and use of mixed case.

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