Lateral Root of Median Nerve

The lateral root of median nerve is one of the two sources of the median nerve.

Nerves of upper limbs (primarily): the brachial plexus (C5–T1) (TA A14.2.03, GA 9.930)
  • root (dorsal scapular, long thoracic)
  • upper trunk (suprascapular, to the subclavius)
lateral cord
  • lateral pectoral
  • musculocutaneous (lateral cutaneous of forearm)
medial cord
  • medial pectoral
  • cutaneous: medial cutaneous of forearm
  • medial cutaneous of arm
  • ulnar: muscular
  • palmar
  • dorsal (dorsal digital nerves)
  • superficial (common palmar digital, proper palmar digital)
  • deep
  • median/medial root: see above
posterior cord
  • subscapular (upper, lower)
  • thoracodorsal
  • axillary (superior lateral cutaneous of arm)
  • radial: muscular
  • cutaneous (posterior of arm, inferior lateral of arm, posterior of forearm)
  • superficial (dorsal digital nerves)
  • deep (posterior interosseous)
  • cutaneous innervation of the upper limbs


anat (h/r/t/c/b/l/s/a)/phys (r)/devp/prot/nttr/nttm/ntrp

noco/auto/cong/tumr, sysi/epon, injr

proc, drug (N1B)

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