LATAM - Fleet


In August 2010, LAN and TAM said they had a combined fleet of over 240 aircraft, with more than 220 additional aircraft currently on order. Synergies are expected to lead to network expansion rather than reduced orders.

LATAM Airlines Fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Passengers
Airbus A319-100 46 30 144Y
Airbus A320-200 102 76 168Y
Airbus A321-200 8 20 220Y
Airbus A330-200 20 2 223 (4/36/183)
Airbus A340-300 5 0 260 (42/218)
Airbus A350-800 0 10
Airbus A350-900 0 17
Boeing 767-300ER 38 7 221 (30/191)
Boeing 777-300ER 8 2 362 (4/56/302)
Boeing 787-8 3 22 247 (30/217)
Boeing 787-9 0 10
Boeing 767-300ERF 9 1 Cargo
Boeing 777F 2 1 Cargo
Total 241 198

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