Las Colinas APT System - Operations - Vehicles & Maintenance

Vehicles & Maintenance

Out of the four vehicles purchased in 1986, only two are used on day-to-day service. Each vehicle can carry 45 passengers comfortably: 33 standing and 12 seated. The system is operated manually, with only two trains running as demand dictates. The drivers use a small control panel that is equipped with an emergency and maintenance controls.

The Maintenance and Control Center is where all vehicles are stored. Each train starts its first morning journey here. The control center is manned by an overseer during times of operation.

  • Las Colinas APT travelling toward Bell Tower/Mandalay Canal Station.

  • Las Colinas APT travelling toward Tower on Lake Carolyn Station.

  • APT guideway and Tracks1/2 looking south from near Bell Tower/Mandalay Canal Station

  • Map of the Las Colinas APT system showing current service and original planned routes.

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