Larissa Tudor

Larissa Tudor

Larissa Feodorovna Tudor (died July 18, 1926) was the wife of Owen Frederick Morton Tudor, an officer of 3rd Battalion of The King's Own Hussars. Following her death, it was rumoured that she was in truth Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia, the second daughter of Nicholas II of Russia, and of Tsarina Alexandra.

Following World War I, she met and married her husband. Upon her death at roughly the age of 28 in Lydd, Kent, England, due to pulmonary tuberculosis and spinal caries, she bequeathed to him an unusually large inheritance equivalent to a local resident's yearly earnings. This fact, combined with irregularities in the available information about her, such as the different ages given on her marriage certificate, her tombstone, and her death certificate, the differences in the names given for her, the conflicting stories about her background, Tudor's inexplicable income and return to the 3rd Battalion of The King's Own Hussars and promotion in rank following Larissa's death, and certain physical details, led to speculation by author Michael Occleshaw that she was in reality the Grand Duchess and had escaped the assassination of the Romanovs after the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Historians believe that the imperial family were all assassinated on July 17, 1918; however, rumors of the survival of one or more Romanov family members have persisted for nearly 90 years.

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