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List Of May 2003 Tornado Outbreak Sequence Tornadoes - May 4 Event - Confirmed Tornadoes
... km) Brief, weak landspout F1 NE of Levenworth Leavenworth, KS, Platte, MO 3 ... miles (4.8 km) Tornado touched down in Kansas and crossed the Missouri River into Platte County, Missouri F2 ... miles (33.6 km) 2 deaths - A moderate sized tornado touched down just Northeast of the Kansas Speedway producing F0 and F1 damage. 435 it underwent intensification and became very large and dangerous ...
Late-May 1998 Tornado Outbreak And Derecho - Spencer, South Dakota Tornado
... The Spencer, South Dakota tornado was the most destructive and second deadliest tornado in the history of the state ... It was also the fifth deadliest tornado of the year ... It began as a large, dust-cloaked tornado Northwest of Farmer, SD in Hanson County, concurrent with the demise of the "Fulton" tornado ...
Tornado - Ongoing Research
... mesocyclone and the stretching of low-level vorticity which tightens into a tornado, namely, what are the processes and what is the relationship of the environment and the ... Reliably predicting tornado intensity and longevity remains a problem, as do details affecting characteristics of a tornado during its life cycle and tornadolysis ... and occasional tornadoes still strike without a tornado warning being issued ...
Late-May 1998 Tornado Outbreak And Derecho
... The Late-May 1998 Tornado Outbreak and Derecho was a historic tornado outbreak and derecho that began on the afternoon of May 30 extending throughout May 31, 1998 ... The initial tornado outbreak, including the devastating Spencer tornado, hit southeast South Dakota on the evening of the May 30 ... The Spencer tornado was the most destructive and second deadliest tornado in South Dakota history ...
1996 Southern Ontario Tornadoes
1 2 Southern Ontario's worst tornado outbreak of the decade came on Saturday April 20, 1996 ... Midwest the day before, where seventeen F2 or greater tornadoes touched down (ten in Illinois alone) ... The first tornado that touched down tore a 40 kilometre long path southeast of Owen Sound ...

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    The sumptuous age of stars and images is reduced to a few artificial tornado effects, pathetic fake buildings, and childish tricks which the crowd pretends to be taken in by to avoid feeling too disappointed. Ghost towns, ghost people. The whole place has the same air of obsolescence about it as Sunset or Hollywood Boulevard.
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