Languages of Italy - Standardised Written Forms

Standardised Written Forms

The following regional languages of Italy have a standardised written form. This may be widely accepted or used alongside more traditional written forms:

  • Piedmontese: traditional, definitely codified between the 20ths and the 60ths of 20th century by Pinin Pacòt and Camillo Brero
  • Ligurian: "Grafîa ofiçiâ" created by the Académia Ligùstica do Brénno;
  • Sardinian: " Limba sarda comuna";
  • Friulian: "Grafie uficiâl" created by the Osservatori Regjonâl de Lenghe e de Culture Furlanis;
  • Ladin: "Grafia Ladina" created by the Istituto Ladin de la Dolomites;

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