Languages of Bhutan

There are over nineteen languages of Bhutan, all members of the Tibeto-Burman language family, except for Nepali which is Indo-European. Dzongkha, the national language, is the only language with a native literary tradition in Bhutan, though Lepcha and Nepali are literary languages in other countries. Other non-Bhutanese minority languages are also spoken along Bhutan's borders and among the Lhotshampa community in South and East Bhutan.

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Languages Of Bhutan - Border Languages
... The Sikkimese and Groma languages, both Tibetan languages, are spoken along the Sikkhim-Bhutan and Tibet-Bhutan borders in Western Bhutan ... The Toto language is generally classified as belonging to the sub-Himalayan branch of the Tibeto-Burman family ... isolated Toto tribe in Totopara and along the West Bengal-Bhutan border in South Bhutan ...

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