Langstroth may refer to:

  • Agnes Langstroth, granddaughter of Edward IV
  • L. L. Langstroth (1810–1895), U.S. clergyman and beekeeper, after whom is named:
    • Langstroth Cottage, a historic building in Oxford, Ohio.
    • Langstroth hive, a design of beehive.
  • Dawn Langstroth (born 1979), Canadian singer–songwriter.
  • Langstrothdale, a valley in the Yorkshire Dales in North Yorkshire, England

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Langstroth Cottage - Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth - Beekeeping
... Lorenzo Langstroth, known as the “Father of Beekeeping,” had a unique way of capturing the essence of his bees through writing letters these letters revealed his devoted connection ... After discovering many unanswered questions with the current equipment, Langstroth knew he could provide a solution ... Langstroth originally was trying to improve the Bevan bar hive because he found that the combs could not be removed and this gave him a huge advantage ...
Dawn Langstroth
... Dawn Langstroth (born April 16, 1979) is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter and painter ... She has released two EPs, self-titled "Dawn Langstroth" and "No Mercy", and released her debut album "Highwire" in 2009 ... Langstroth is the daughter of singer Anne Murray and former CBC television producer Bill Langstroth (Singalong Jubilee) ...
Langstroth Cottage - Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth
... Lorenzo Langstroth grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was the second oldest of eight children ... Unfortunately, Langstroth developed a nervous disorder, which eventually led him to sell his bees ... Upon returning to Massachusetts to work on his health, Langstroth started writing his manual Langstroth on the Honeybee ...
Langstroth Hive
... The Langstroth bee hive, patented in October 1852, is the standard beehive used in many parts of the world for beekeeping ... François Huber in 1789, had designed hives with frames (the so-called leafe or book hive), but Langstroth's hive was a practical movable frame hive, which overcame the tendency of the bees ... These combined adaptations led to the Langstroth hive design being preferred by beekeepers over all others, and his hive is currently used throughout the world ...