Land War

The Land War (Irish: Cogadh na Talún) in Irish history was a period of agrarian agitation in rural Ireland in the 1870s, 1880s and 1890s. The agitation was led by the Irish National Land League and was dedicated to bettering the position of tenant farmers and ultimately to a redistribution of land to tenants from landlords, especially absentee landlords. While there were many violent incidents and some deaths in this campaign, it was not actually a "war", but rather a prolonged period of civil unrest.

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Irish Land Acts - Second Irish Land Act, 1881 - Overview
... aim on Gladstone's behalf, to destroy the raison d'être of the Land League (following the recent Land War) ... Although the second land act ushered in a period of tentative calm, it became clear further reforms were necessary ... The Act undermined the Land League by granting fair-rent control, fixity of tenure on leases, and freedom of sale all to be overseen by the new government ...
Gran Colombia – Peru War - Land War
... Effectively, this ended the major hostilities of the war ... Without reinforcement by land, the Peruvian occupation of Guayaquil was destined to fail, but Gran Colombia's assertion of rights to the territories of Jaén and Maynas, were similarly frustrated ...
Land War - Land Acts Defuse
... The land question in Ireland was ultimately defused by a series of Irish Land Acts, beginning in 1870 with rent reform, establishing the Land Commission in 1881, and providing for judicial reviews to ... farmers buy their freeholds, which was greatly extended following the 1902 Land Conference, by the 1903 Wyndham Land Purchase Act ... also allowed the purchase and division of untenanted land that was being directly farmed by the owners ...
James Godkin - Career
... ally of Charles Gavan Duffy on the Irish land question, and his interest in religion began to give way to his involvement in political protest ... Godkin was an influential writer on ecclesiastical and land questions ... treatment of the churches in Ireland, as well as security of land tenure for the Irish people ...

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