Land Run

Land run (sometimes "land rush" ) usually refers to an historical event in which previously restricted land of the United States was opened to homestead on a first arrival basis. Some newly opened lands were sold first-come, sold by bid, or won by lottery, or by means other than a run. The settlers, no matter how they acquired occupancy, purchased the land from the United States Land Office. For former Indian lands, the Land Office distributed the sales funds to the various tribal entities, according to previously negotiated terms. The Oklahoma Land Run of 1889 was the most prominent of the land runs, although there were several others, as enumerated below.

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Lincoln County, Oklahoma - History - Early History
... The Osage hunted on land that includes present-day Lincoln County until they ceded the area in an 1825 treaty to the federal government ... The government then assigned the land to the Creek and the Seminoles after they were removed from the southeastern United States ... Civil War in 1866, these tribes were forced to give up lands that included present-day Lincoln County in Reconstruction Treaties for siding with the ...
Land Run - Further Reading
... Stan Hoig ... The Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889 (1989) ...
Oklahoma Territory - History - Land Run and The Sooners
... The Land Run of 1889, the first land run in the territory's history, opened Oklahoma Territory to settlement on April 22, 1889 ... Over 50,000 people entered the lands on the first day, among them several thousand freedmen and descendants of slaves ... When the run began at noon, men on thousands of horses, wagons, buggies, carts, and vehicles rushed across to Oklahoma ...
Land Run Of 1893
... The Land Run of 1893, also known as the Cherokee Strip Land Run, marked the opening of the Cherokee Outlet to the public ... The run happened on September 16, 1893 at noon with more than 100,000 participants hoping to claim land ... The land offices for the run were set up in Perry, Enid, Woodward, and Alva with over 6.5 million acres (26,000 km²) of land ...
Cherokee Outlet - Cherokee Strip Land Run
... Outlet was settled in the Cherokee Strip land run, the largest land run in the United States and the largest event of its kind in the history of the world ... This section of land is still known as the Cherokee Strip, and the term has often been applied to the whole of the Cherokee Outlet ...

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